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Goff Courtney Pops Up

We’re excited to host this “lean luxury” clothing label at The Royal Exchange.

GOFF COURTNEY turns traditional elements into something contemporary and fresh. This season, the brand’s popup arrives at the Exchange with a collection of statement neckwear and cover-up pieces, as well as vintage accessories, books, objects and artworks. It’s something of a homecoming for founder Yvonne Goff Courtney, whose grandfather’s outerwear business was based near St Paul’s cathedral.

The brand explains how it “distils tailoring, shirting and outerwear garments into scarves, cover-ups, aprons, capelets and necklaces β€” many with utilitarian detailing and embellishments β€” such as hoods, pockets, vintage patches and buttons. Pieces for the hybrid era: to throw on and zhuzh everyday outfits; from conference call to coffee shop… desk to dinner. Flexible, versatile hero pieces for changing lifestyles, climes – and waistlines!

The one-off items are (predominantly) age, gender and size-free… for people with a resilient side, who want to stay relevant and individual.”