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The Royal Exchange is delighted to be home to the UK’s newest Acai Berry store β€” now open throughout the weekend.

Acai Berry Foods prides itself on offering the purest, highest grade of acai currently available in the UK, with the berries being picked, pulped and then frozen in a short space of time locking in the nutrients. The product is vegan, gluten-free, non-GMO and can be enjoyed as a breakfast, lunch, dinner or just as a snack and can be eaten as a bowl, a smoothie or on pancakes/waffles.

The acai is used as a base and is topped with granola and a selection of fresh fruits with add-ons such as peanut butter. Along with these products, they offer acai-packed protein balls, brownies and organic coffee. The key to the product is the process of freezing: on being picked, the berry is frozen within 3 hours (or the product will lose all nutrients). The berry can only be grown on the Brazilian side of the Amazon. Many areas around the world have tried to re-create the atmosphere and grow the berry but have failed. Acai Berry Foods have their own factory within the Amazon where the product is frozen and then mixed with their formula to create the product today. The product comes in a tub β€” and you have it as it comes: unlike many sachets products (where you then have to mix with banana etc.) all the hard work is done. Essentially like a Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Tub.

Acai berry itself is a very valuable product β€” and a commodity on the stock market β€” but is nevertheless a sustainable product and not under threat.