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Our jewellers have been looking through their family albums to find inspiration for a series of hot new highlights — each of which can glow up an outfit all by itself. 

For Boodles, this time it’s personal as the son of the company’s former chairman pays homage to his father’s 1962 voyage around the world: in a ten-day journey across the European continent, using its myriad landscapes and cultures as inspiration. It shows in the collection: in the Florentine style necklace set with an 8-carat heart shape diamond, London-inspired earrings, and Murano design jewellery set with fancy shape multi-gems and diamonds.

Also taking inspiration from brand family history, Bremont’s Lady K timepiece in frost white from the label’s ladies’ collection will positively sparkle in the midday light. The watch is the result of an endeavour to build a balance between functionality and decoration through next-level craftsmanship — perfect for keeping track of those long summer hours.