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Savour The Staycation

Picnics from Fortnum’s, ice creams from Ladurée.

Travel hassle. Who needs it? This summer, beat the rush by staying put. On your doorstep there’s a world of dining options to spice up the everyday. After all, what could be more delicious than packing a Fortnum’s picnic for one of London’s delightful green spaces, or catching a Ladurée ice cream — and some City sun.

Fortnum & Mason has everything you could possibly need to make the most of the good weather. Summer is here at last — and the best way to enjoy the season is to head outside for a little al fresco feasting, with Fortnum’s in tow. So, whether it’s the local park, a nearby beach, or your own perfect patch of lawn, get prepped for the picnics and BBQs ahead with expert Fortnum’s most delicious products.

Chill out by bringing the taste of Parisian cool to you. We’re talking, of course, about the ice cream range from Ladurée. The sweet-toothed among you can choose from a colourful set of artisanal signature flavours: from intense chocolate and fruit to copper-bottomed classics like vanilla. Whether it’s transforming a city-centre Saturday into a rich gourmet experience, or glowing up a dinner party with the patisserie’s charm — this release captures the joy of a summer getaway in every bowl.