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Look Of Luxury

As London Fashion Week approaches, get acquainted with the excellent set of high-end labels resident at The Royal Exchange.

From the biggest names in global luxury to homegrown heroes tearing up the industry playbook, these lines offer bold contemporary statements in collections of garments and accessories โ€” united by an innate shared sense of craftsmanship and individuality.

French luxury house Hermรจs has been producing the best in Parisian fashion since 1837 โ€” nearly two centuries ago. Founded on humanist values and a pride in the artisan, its products are defined by elegance and utility. Add any one of their scarves or pieces of leatherwork to a look to give yourself that Champs-ร‰lysรฉes sophistication.

SIRPLUS are one of a new generation of fashion lines disrupting and remaking the industry. They use the excess fabric to create bold, inspiring pieces. The difference with SIRPLUS is that this environmental mission โ€” the idea that waste and damage can never be stylish โ€” is no idle brand messaging. Itโ€™s their raison dโ€™etre. You can see the passion for both the idea and the aesthetic in their releases โ€” many of which, due to the nature of the process, are limited editions: created from finite sources that give a singular identity.

Fashions come and go. But aspects of fashion persist: quality, handiwork, elegant artistry. Aspinal of London are purveyors of such timeless English style, seen in each of their artisan pieces crafted from the finest leather. A staple of the British design scene for over two decades, the brandโ€™s roots in tradition and handmade craftsmanship offset but its ever-exciting new lines and releases that are marked by a sense of the bold and the new.

Founded in 1870, Crockett and Jones are industry stalwarts and standard bearers of British expertise. Handmade through techniques that go back centuries, their world-famous Goodyear Welted footwear is famous for the fact that it endures: if taken care of, these are shoes that will last a lifetime, in both strength and style โ€” whether theyโ€™re for formal dos or fishing trips.