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Ivan Gette At Red Eight Gallery

An opportunity to acquire some of the awe-inspiring abstract works of this Berlin-based painter.

If you’d like to check out some of Gette’s captivating art, be sure to swing by for this exhibition, which will be running from 6th April until 12th May.

Originally from Omsk, Siberia, in 1995, Gette’s parents decided to leave everything behind and move to Germany to give their children a better life. At first, their struggle to learn a new language and be accepted into a new community was such a difficult process that Gette would lock himself in his room and listen to music. But it was during this time that he started to paint.

Painting became something to help him find his emotional balance amidst the difficulty around him. It helped him shift his perspective, viewing the world and people around him differently.

At an early age, Gette discovered hip-hop and threw himself into urban culture, spending most of his 20s in yards and at hall-of-fame walls across Germany and the Netherlands.

But at some point during his 20s, Gette faced a huge tragedy, causing him to distance himself from art, and he did not touch a pen or a spray can for almost eight years. It wasn’t until Gette randomly bumped into an old friend from his painting days who gifted him an easel and canvas that he found the inspiration to create again. It took him a whole year after receiving this gift to start painting, but when he did, it was like opening pandora’s box. Every memory and every emotion of the past few years were expressed on that canvas, bringing his unique abstract colour-coded style to life.

Gette’s unique abstract painting style allows the audience to be a part of his emotions created in one moment, with each colour telling its own unique story.

“Art is only as good as the feelings it creates in you,” Gette says. His boldly interpretive colourful works represent how society interacts and expresses life’s moments and stories.

Gette has recently founded Not A Gallery, a vibrant gallery in the heart of Berlin, which opens its space to artists who wish to connect with other artists and build a supportive community.

As well as being a gallery to exhibit artwork, Not A Gallery also consists of a coworking space, seven available studio spaces and Not A Club — a 575 sqm rough and bold exhibition space. “We are creating an outstanding centre of community and culture that serves as an international creative network — driving personal development while promoting equality and inclusion,” says Gette.