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Fall Finery

The Royal Exchange Jewellers present a series of autumnal gemstone rings: moody, rich β€” and bright as a harvest moon.

These are the ideal compliment to the season’s changing colours of the season: bright and fresh, but also darkening and complex. If Autumn is a season of richness and contrast, these are the rings to mark it.

Our very own jewellers have been practising their craft in the City for twenty years. Not only is this the place to source fine jewellery and timepieces but the team β€” with nearly a century’s experience in the industry between them β€” can create bespoke pieces that are unique to you and your occasion, whether that’s a birthday gift or engagement ring. They’re also adept at restorations and repairs β€” bring in your heirlooms to have them back to their best.

Sapphire and Diamond three stone ring.
Diamond three stone ring. 
Ruby and Diamond three stone ring.