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Crockett & Jones

The Albert Slipper

Did you know that, the Albert Slipper was originally designed by the Victorians to protect expensive rugs and wooden floors found in English grand home? Polished tiles and hardwood flooring were not to be ruined from the gravel, sand, dirt and grime found outside on the roads!

By mid-20th century, politicians and performers were proof that Albert slippers had found popularity and even made it across the pond! The Albert slipper could now be found on Dean Martin (1967) and even in the infamous Pink Panther with David Niven.

According to shoemaker Crockett & Jones, Albert slippers are typically made from velvet and feature a whole-cut upper, complete with leather sole. Crockett & Jones’ Christmas duo, however, are designed to be shown off and, accordingly, have been equipped with thin rubber soles to withstand taxi rides and frosty pavements! A necessity in the City.

New-for-Christmas-2022, Crockett & Jones feature a Santa and Snowflakes house slipper. The gent’s slippers see Santa and his reindeer dashing through the snow, while the ladies pair features intricately-embroidered snowflakes on their toes and sides. Both are cut from navy velvet and are handmade in England – can you think of a better Christmas day gift? His n’ hers, sorted.


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