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They say it’s the thought that counts but there’s nothing quite like receiving (and opening) a beautifully wrapped gift. Get crafty this Christmas with this step-by-step guide from Aspinal

Boxing clever

Start with a beautiful gift box of your choice, the size should comfortably frame the gift you are giving. Feel free to get creative with the colour, but we recommend choosing a box and ribbon in coordinating colours. Reds, greens and golds work well for Christmas, while white, navy and black are elegant colours that can be reused outside of the festive season. When choosing the size of your gift box, we suggest always going a little too big as you can always fill the surrounding space with tissue, which helps to keep the gift in place. We encourage choosing a good quality gift box that allows the recipient to keep for storing their favourite trinkets or even reuse for another gift.

Base layers

Next, line your box. We use a thicker weight lining paper but tissue paper will work just as well. Place the box next to your tissue as this will act as a visual aid when cutting the paper to size. Cut it to the height of your box but double the width, ensuring the folds are able to meet in the middle once placed within the box. Next, using another piece of tissue paper, create the base in which your gift will be placed. Pleat the tissue using your fingertips, making small folds to create a concertina-like effect. Place the pleated tissue inside the box, spreading to fill the width. For deeper boxes you may need extra tissue paper to create a voluminous, raised base to fill the box.

Set in place

Time to place your gift in the box. It should fit comfortably with some space between the gift and the edges of the box. The double-width tissue paper you cut earlier will be either side of your gift, take each side of tissue paper and place over your gift to cover neatly. To secure the tissue paper, we would recommend you seal with either some tape or a sticker, and then use this position to secure a card or note to go along with the gift. One of the finishing touches to every gift given from Aspinal of London is a personal, handwritten note, which will be the first thing the recipient sees when opening the box. Adding a personal touch makes any gift extra special.

The finishing touch

Place the lid on the box and prepare your ribbon. Again, try choosing one which can be reused, avoiding single-use items wherever possible. We use Grosgrain ribbon, but there are many beautiful textures available. For that Instagrammable end result, choose a box and ribbon in coordinating or complementary colours. Cut your ribbon to size, then place on top of the box, wrapping the base, twisting at the centre to change direction, and allow the opposite two sides to be wrapped, meeting again at the top. You can choose to position the bow at the centre or choose the Aspinal position of the top left corner. Tie the perfect bow by creating two loops with each piece of ribbon with one single tie for a beautifully gift-wrapped present.