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From Montblanc to Ray Rossi

We know that Valentine’s isn’t for everyone. If you can’t hack the pink, go blue. Montblanc highlighted its THINK BLUE range of items in shades of watery, calming azure and sapphire.

These included the Solitaire Blue Hour LeGrand Fountain Pen, Blue Spirit Tote Bag, and the Montblanc 1858 Automatic Chronograph. The watchmaker reminds us how “scientists describe the mildly meditative state we enter when near or in water as the blue mind.” These items are perfect, then, for writing, or as a talisman on your wrist to ground you to a memory of the ocean’s calm.

Or maybe you don’t hate Valentine’s — but are just a bit anti-establishment rather than anti-love. Either way, both the rebels and romantics went head over heels for punk stalwart Ray Rossi’s exhibition at Red Eight Gallery. One of the genre’s founding fathers, Rossi is also well-respected as an abstract artist and his show comprised five giant paintings that were on display until February 17. A remarkable opportunity for Red Eight’s patrons to collect one of these sublime, Pollock-esque canvases — by a living pop culture legend.