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Autumn Cornucopia

Enjoy the season’s bounty at The Royal Exchange with our luxury retailers and restaurants.

Fortnum & Mason is an expert in such things, trading since 1707 in hampers of delight and deliciousness. Our favourite of the brand’s seasonal offerings — “The Autumnal Hamper” — is as plentiful as ever. Open it up to discover Toffee Apple Shortbread, the Chocolate Enchanted Forest, British Hedgerow Damson, Blackberry & Elderflower Preserve, Toffee Apple Tea, Crunchy Peanut Butter, Walnut & Seed Crackers, Cinnamon & Apple Curd, and two bottles of Fortnum’s finest red and white whites.

For a modern-day “horn of plenty” look no further than The Libertine, for Autumn means the return of the award-winning bar and restaurant’s weekend hours. This is the place for celebrating on Saturday night — and recovering on Sunday over plates loaded with the finest roast dinners in town. And did we mention the free-flowing wine? “Free-spirited revelry” indeed.

The ever-bountiful Ladurée has released a brand new product: the Eugénie. Tempt yourself with this most indulgent of desserts featuring a crunchy chocolate shell, melting heart and gluten-free shortbread biscuit. We’re especially fond of the “Incontournable Selection” gift box containing a dazzling rainbow of flavours: caramel, orange blossom, pistachio, blackcurrant, rose, vanilla, chocolate and Marie-Antoinette.