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Angels And Algorithms

Exhibitions of contemporary artists Nick Bultman and James Lewis arrive at Red Eight Gallery this month.

They are to be unveiled at a private view on Thursday, September 14th, from 6 pm to 9 pm. RSVP to to reserve your place.

In “Beyond The Algorithms,” Bultmanโ€™s work is inspired by motion, contrast and intention. The artist creates works of dazzling geometrical imagination marked by the contrast between human brushwork and formal symmetries. In this, the works explore tensions between the physical and the digital โ€” and the former’s triumph in art. Bultman explains how he wants โ€œpeople to feel the energy behind my paintings and be inspired by each workโ€™s energy and motion; I want peopleโ€™s immediate senses to be captivated by the unique forms; I want their imagination to run free.โ€  

Modern Angels

“Modern Angels” sees Lewis explore the appearance of mythic archetypes in the modern world. In this collection, the artist provokes a debate regarding the sacred and the profane with pieces where recognisable animated characters appear alongside religious iconography. โ€œSimilar to how geometry underpins the material world,โ€ he says, โ€œthe myths we consume create patterns of thought and behaviour that shape our inner world.โ€