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A New Leaf

Back to work/school? It’s exciting. Freshen up the academic year with these luxury accessories: from fragrances to diaries and writing tools.

Start by turning over a new leaf β€” of gilded-edge luxury cream paper. Aspinal of London’s 2024 A5 week to view leather diary is as elegant as your plans. It’s beautiful to hold: handbound using traditional bookbinding techniques in the finest full-grain leather with grosgrain marking ribbon. With hourly time slots to organise your tasks, you can give up the dryness of online calendars for the same utility with tactile sophistication. Choose the stylish Marmalade Pebble leather to match your jack-o-lanterns β€” and get it personalised with your initials through the brand’s in-store engraving service.

And what better to fill the diary with than a Montblanc classic? This month we welcome the “Writers Edition Homage to Robert Louis Stevenson,” a collection which celebrates the iconic author. This fountain pen contains artful references to Treasure Island in subtle tones of cream and black β€” making it the perfect instrument for those seeking the joy of art and adventure.


To invoke that spirit, try the exceptional new fragrance from travel specialist TUMI. The brand has just released its 19 Degree scent, an intricate blend of saffron, black raspberry, suede, birch water, sandalwood and musk. This perfume draws inspiration from exploration and voyaging, and is created with TUMI’s patented and enduring technologies.