From embossing and engraving to bespoke design, add a personal touch to your purchase with these exclusive brands and services from The Royal Exchange

31 May, 2019

Personalisation is the ultimate luxury; a unique and thoughtful gift for that special someone or a much deserved gift to yourself. After all, there’s nothing quite like unwrapping a new diary with your initials neatly embossed on the cover, or wearing a necklace with a secret engraving close to your heart. With a wide selection of personalisation options on traditional and contemporary gifts, we’ve rounded up the best of bespoke at The Royal Exchange.


Whether it’s selecting a ring based on your birthstone, spelling out your name in gold calligraphy à la Carrie Bradshaw or marking milestones with silver charms, jewellery has countless ways of telling a story. One company who knows this only too well is family-owned City jeweller Searle & Co. Here you’ll find an array of one-of-a-kind pieces as well as a bespoke service to create a unique treasure from scratch. The jeweller also specialises in traditional seal engraved signet rings depicting your family’s insignia and can engrave special words, dates or messages onto a variety of jewellery. Personalisation is equally popular in modern jewellery, as seen in the contemporary bangles, rings and pendants (including the iconic silver heart motif) from Tiffany & Co., which can be engraved in-store with names or messages (pictured above). Enamel specialist Halcyon Days has a more niche offering of bangles, cufflinks and keepsake boxes – all of which can be engraved or, in the case of the boxes, hand-painted with a personal inscription. But for something extra-special, the Royal Warrant holders can create a completely bespoke box design depicting anything your heart desires; from a childhood home or pet portrait to a logo or lucky charm.


Personalised stationery may feel slightly redundant in the digital age, but an email will never replace the charm of a handwritten letter. Since 1887, Smythson has been offering ‘stationery and fancy articles of a high-class character’. These days, customers can design everything from business cards to wedding invitations and correspondence cards with beautiful personal motifs and gold gilt detailing. As for those ‘fancy articles’, these now include a wide selection of beautiful leather bags and accessories (pictured above and top), the majority of which can be personalised via hot stamping – a technique that uses pre-dried inks or foils and a heated press to imprint letters onto a surface. Fellow leather goods specialist SageBrown also uses a handcrafted technique to add a personal touch to its colourful leather accessories. Blind embossing subtly imprints words or letters onto a surface, and the company can also engrave special names or dates onto metal briefcase clasps. Aspinal of London also offers a range of handcrafted personalisation and metal engraving to everything you could possibly need – from handbags and journals to leather wallets and passport covers, keyrings and cufflinks.


Even Britain’s 300-year-old grocer Fortnum & Mason is getting in on the personalised action with a wide selection of fancy foodie gifts, which you can add a name or special message to, from VIP hampers to champagne and single malt whisky.

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