Leica Akademie tutor and freelance photographer Robin Sinha offers advice on buying gadget gifts to inspire

15 November, 2016

Leica has some new launches coming soon that I think will make great Christmas presents. First up is the Sofort, Leica’s first-ever instant camera – they’re such fun to use. We’ve also updated the D-Lux, our most popular compact camera. The D-Lux 109 is amazing for point-and-shoot, but the manual settings are there if you want to develop your skills. We’ve even put together a special D-Lux Christmas bundle.

Leica is also bringing out a new T system just before Christmas. It’s ideal for a keen amateur who may not be fussed about technicality but wants to improve picture quality. There aren’t many cameras like it on the market – it’s all touchscreen, which taps into the iPhone generation, but the actual quality of the image it takes is on another level.

From £229; Leica Camera Ltd, 18 The Royal Exchange