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Discover master chocolatier Paul A. Young's new Monet-inspired Easter eggs collection

09 April, 2019

Eating is a multisensory experience. The sight, smell and texture of a dish play equally important roles in the overall taste and enjoyment. In his new Easter collection, master chocolatier Paul A. Young has indulged his artistic side in an array of seasonal treats that are an indulgent feast for the senses.

The Easter Collection takes inspiration from Impressionist icon Claude Monet and reflects his unique painting style and love of nature. The signature Easter Eggs (including a limited-edition egg hand-painted by Young himself) reflect spring’s jubilant palette in delicate, Impressionist-inspired layered colours that mirror Monet’s gift for capturing light and shimmering water.

These luxurious eggs are made from the Guittard Chocolate Company’s 65% single origin Peruvian couverture, and hand-finished with luxurious gold, silver and bronze.

Chocolate Bunny available in milk or dark chocolate, £14.95; Caramelised Chocolate Chicks, 6 pieces for £12.95; Salted Caramel Hen’s Egg, £19.95, all available from Paul A. Young at The Royal Exchange

Paul A. Young purists will be delighted to know that the chocolatier’s near-legendary Salted Caramel Hen’s Eggs are back by popular demand. These decadent treats recreate the oh-so-satisfying experience of dipping into a soft boiled egg in sweet form, with the ‘yolk’ made from Paul’s multi-award-winning Sea Salted Caramel. In keeping with the Impressionist theme, this year’s products are hand-painted in the same style as the wider Easter collection.

Those who like their Easter treats strictly traditional can stock up on milk and dark chocolate bunnies made from Guittard 38% milk or 72% Onyx dark chocolate or the delectable vanilla caramel-filled Billi Bunny. Then there’s Paul’s adorable caramelised solid chocolate chicks and the signature Guills’ & Quails’ Eggs box filled with Sea Salted Caramel and finished with a crunchy praline coating. Decisions, decisions…

The Easter Collection is available from the Paul A. Young boutique at The Royal Exchange, prices start from £7