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Attend a Leica Akademie Bitesize Workshop at The Royal Exchange to learn about a range of photography-related topics and get hands on with its iconic cameras

20 February, 2019

Whether you’re looking to improve on existing photography skills or to try something new, Leica’s Akademie Bitesize Workshops are a fantastic way to gain an insight into a number of different techniques. In fortnightly evening classes at The Royal Exchange, professional Leica photographers will draw on their experience in the field to help further your knowledge of photography.

For those starting out, Exposure Basics is a fantastic introduction to understanding the world of photography. Over an hour and a half, your Leica tutor will teach you everything you need to know about aperture, shutter speed and ISO so you can move away from the automatic settings and make the most of your camera’s abilities.

If you’re a little more advanced, why not take a look at the Portraiture Tips workshop, where you’ll learn how to set the tone using natural light to create the perfect portrait. Alternatively, attend a Portfolio Review, where you’ll learn to critique your photographs and gain technical and compositional feedback from one of Leica’s professional photographers, or sign up for an introduction to Adobe Lightroom, where you’ll learn how to import, process and edit your digital images.


Leica is renowned across the globe for producing cameras that combine functional simplicity with cutting-edge design. The brand is highly respected by professional photographers who favour Leica’s impeccable lenses and superior build quality. These bitesize workshops offer the chance for you to borrow a camera for the evening and discover for yourself why photographers worldwide hold Leica equipment in such high esteem.

Click here for details of the Leica Akademie Bitesize Workshops, and to book your place. Course details are released at the end of each month, with bookings open up to four months in advance. Prices from £50