Accessorise all areas

We round up covetable leather accoutrements for modern business

15 December, 2015

If a person can be judged by the company he or she keeps, the same logic dictates that style can be measured by the accessories he or she carries. Consistency is key – a man in a marvellous pair of shoes needs to ensure his briefcase is speaking the same language. So whether regularly slapping your wallet down on the lunch table, or your portfolio down on the boardroom table, it’s worth putting as much thought into your accessories as your choice of restaurant or business strategy.

Zip currency case

Anyone who travels regularly will understand the need to organise one’s currency in an efficient manner. The little plastic bags provided by bureaux de change provide an answer, but Smythson’s striking two-tone, double-zip pouch provides the answer. Never again will you mix up Swiss francs with Danish krone. £225;

iPad case

Within a few years the iPad has become an essential accessory, simultaneously acting as an entertainment centre, a communications hub and a mobile newsstand. Given the central role it plays in modern life, it’s worth investing in a leather case with a design that’s as well considered as the tablet itself – such as this one from Smythson. £395,

Compact money clip wallet

Don’t let a bulging wallet spoil the line of your jacket, instead slim down with a neat card holder and money clip like this mustard-coloured number from the family-owned company Sage Brown. The subtle and attractive grain lends this piece a rustic air that chimes with the brand’s English aesthetic. £50;

Card holder

It’s a good idea to go for leather accessories in more interesting colours than the usual black. Deep, emerald green is particularly pleasing and retains a gravitas that lighter colours lose. The leather from which this case is made is stamped with a crocodile-skin-pattern, which adds a note of luxury. £29;

iPad envelope

When you’re travelling your iPad needs to be protected whether it’s accompanying you on the daily commute, or on a long-haul flight. Sage Brown has come up with an elegant, simple and hard-wearing answer in the form of this calf-leather envelope. It’s a superbly unpretentious item, with an air of classic British elegance. £139;

Document holder

Make an impression with a striking monochrome ‘Graffiti’ document holder. Made from Italian leather, the workmanship here is as notable as the design. Slim and easy to carry, it will strike a stylish chord, particularly if you’re conducting business outside the office. £395;